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Al Miles: Standing with Families for a Change.

Like so many east mountain residents, Al Miles has great concern at the  backroom decision-makers of our school board. This has led to the closing  of Barton and Hill Park, as well as numerous elementary schools. As your  trustee, Al is commited to keeping neighborhood schools open. He will stand  up to the school board bureaucrats who try to shut down parents input and  requests that challenge parental decision-making.

Al Miles: The Change Our School Board Needs.

Al Miles: Good for Our Students

Elect Al Miles for Public School Trustee for "Ward 6"
Phone: (905) 578-9600 
For ``Ward 6" Public School Trustee
Neighborhood and communities play a vital role in the success of every  school. Al feels that strong communities foster strong schools. If elected as  Ward 6 Trustee Al would address the following three issues: community  involvement, school closures, and safe school environments.
Al supports innovative programs to help our students.  Here is a picture to the  left of Al supporting such a program run by Sir Allan McNab High School called  L.A.U.N.C.H Program which stands for Learning Achieving Under New  Conditions Here.  This program has been running for the past 7 years and was  created by the past Principle of the School “Ted Kocznur”.  This program is  having success in helping studens who have found it challenging to succeed in  a traditional high school setting. This is one of the programs  that our  communities likes to support. 
Al tries to help wherever he is! In April of this year he went to Haiti for 2  weeks, to visit the site of a school and orphange that he supports, by raising  money. The school is located in the village of Les’basse and has 134  students strong, in multiple grades. Al is helping these students with the  same passion he has for our students.
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